Is servicing important?

Servicing Starts At Just £44 for cars, £95 for vans and Diagnostic Testing From Only £19.99. At Vehicle Repair Services we can provide for all your vehicle servicing and repair requirements, whatever make or model of car, van or light commercial vehicle you may run.Our comprehensive choice of garage services ranging from routine servicing and an oil and filter change to cambelt, fanbelt, brake, clutch, shock absorber and spring, replacement and the repair or replacement of alternators or starter motors.More complicated tasks such as the repair or replacement of an engine or gearbox can also be carried out by our highly-trained team of vehicle technicians who also possess the skills to perform repairs to steering and suspension systems. Quick fitting work such as the replacement of tyres, exhausts and batteries is also readily available while-you-wait. Just call 01375 279 009 or email to book your vehicle's next service.

By using these comprehensive facilities, our accomplished diagnostic technicians are able to quickly track down faults in electrical and engine management systems, ABS braking and other onboard safety and security equipment such as airbags, locks and immobilisers. Access to this technology also allows them to re-programme and re-code keys. This service is available for any make or model of car and light commercial vehicle, and our team will ensure that it is running at its optimum efficiency.

Servicing price list

up to 1300cc £44 £139
up to 1600cc £49 £149
up to 1900cc £54 £159
up to 2200cc £59 £179
over 2200cc £64 £219

Why should I service my car?

Servicing your vehicle helps to identify potential problems before they become real ones. During a routine service essential checks are carried out on components such as your brakes and suspension to ensure your vehicle is safe and don't let you down when you most need it. Maintaining your vehicles service schedule gives you peace of mind that your vehicle is kept in a road worthy condition

Regular vehicle servicing improves the life span of your vehicle and with more and more people choosing to keep their vehicles for longer a regular service is essential to having years of trouble free motoring.

Regular servicing helps to identify costly repairs before they happen. A routine oil change helps to lubricate your engines vital components to ensure they are running smoothly, without this your engine could seize up resulting in a repair bill that could run into thousands. Air filter replacements will ensure your engine is getting the right amount of clean air so that your vehicle is running at its most efficient and this will result in more MPG.

With the second hand car market being so competitive buyers will always look for a vehicle with service history. A used vehicle with service history fetches between 20% - 30% more retail value than a vehicle with no service history.

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